28 July 2011

Makeup Marple's Travel Essentials

In my world there never seems to be enough minutes in the day. So when it comes to packing for an trip away, this requires military precision combined with ability to think under pressure and pack a suitcase at lightening speed! Not saying I leave it to the last minute... but..... maybe I do!

Now as you may have guessed, Makeup Marple doesn't pack light. Especially when it comes to packing beauty products.

In flight essentials:
*Moisturiser- reapply throughout the flight
*Lip balm- my in flight favourite is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
*Hand cream- I'm loving Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk these days
*Refreshing spray- Liz Earle, Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzerkeeps your skin hydrated
*Makeup wipes- good to have on hand if you need to freshen up, even for hands!
*Eye drops- on hand for long flights as cabin air-conditioning drys eyes out
*Rescue remedy- if your a stressy traveller it's peace & calm in a bottle
*Paracetamol/ aspirin- nothing worse than a headache mid flight
*Chewing gum- stops your ears from hurting during take off and landing
*Hand sanitiser- to keep the germs away of course
*Makeup bag- full of the essentials: concealer, tinted moisturiser, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick (not only gives some life to my tired in flight skin, but doubles as eyeshadow!), mascara and lipstick of course.
*sunglasses- if makeup won't fix it reach for big shades + lipstick, works every time!

Always keep travel size shampoo, conditioner and mini cleansers or moisturisers this means more room in your suitcase for shopping and these travel sizes are also perfect for your in flight essentials too. (Many of the big brands do great gift with purchase mini size products which are great to have on hand for travel)

Travel makeup should be kept to a minimum. I always find that the combination of lipstick, mascara and shimmer brick are the defining factor which, when reapplied just before landing, makes me feel half human after a long flight.

Have heels on hand to make a glamourous exit from the aircraft (clearly not in an emergency exit, it tears the escape slide apparently)

Dress comfy but stylishly- no need to wear pyjamas unless you're in first class plus there's no chance of an upgrade if you rock up to the airport looking like a tramp!

And don't forget throughout the flight to drink water, water and more water trust me your skin will thank you for it.

Top Tip: to revitalise & moisturise tired skin after a long flight use a nourishing face mask before bed. My 2 favourites are Avene's Soothing Moisture Mask or the Multi Vitamin Power Mask by Dermalogica.

Bon Voyage!

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