05 July 2011

The Gloss

  • Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss
I was like a kid in a sweet shop at the Illamasqua flagship store just off Carnaby St on the weekend.  Whilst on the mascara mission, I was drawn to Illamasqua's selection of lipglosses.  They come in 2 formulas: intense & sheer.   This gloss is the perfect amount of shine, that actually stays on without the stickiness that most glosses tend to have.

I opted for sheer 'Torture' (yes, that's the shade of lipgloss, nothing else!) which is a sheer peach colour.
Although it looks bright orange in the photo, the sheer colour adds just the right amount of tone to create a bit of daytime glamour without going overboard.

A great shade to compliment any shade of red or brunette hair.  If you're blonde, stick with the shade 'soul' which is more of a pink based nude tone.

I'm not a fan of Illamasqua for foundation, lipstick or eyeshadow, despite their high pigment shades as I find them very difficult to remove and a little too harsh on sensitive skin.  However, their lipgloss & mascara are definately at the top of my hit list!!


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