12 July 2011

Top 3 Hair Products I Can't Be Without

Despite all the fancy, new hair products out there these days, these 3 'must haves' remain at the core of my hair care/style regime:
  • Hairspray
Yes! Good old fashioned hairspray does the trick! Whether it's to hold a style in place, add some texture, curl, smooth or scrunch- there is possibly 101 different uses for it.  These days most hairsprays are quite flexible which means you can brush them out easily and hair still moves unlike the old school lacquers which hold your hair stiff (fine if that's the look you're after) and are difficult to remove.
One of the best: Sebastian Reshaper

  • Leave in Conditioner
NEVER blow dry or iron your hair with out it!!! That's the rule.... even if you have fine hair there is a product to suit every hair type. I think of it like moisturiser. Same as applying moisturiser after washing your face, you apply leave in conditioner after washing your hair.
My faves include: Sebastian Potion 9 and also Alterna Color Hold Spray Leave In
  • Dry Shampoo
Always great to have in your bathroom or handbag to use between shampoo's when your roots are looking too greasy to be acceptable. Simply spray it on your roots for an instantly fresher look.... they don't call it shampoo in a can for nothing do they?!! Just don't forget to either blast some air through with your hairdryer or blend it through with your fingers or you could look like you have grey roots, particularly if your hair is a darker colour. Although cleverly, some brands such as Bumble & Bumble have coloured versions. Genius!  Dry shampoo is a sure fire, festival season must have! 
It's also a life saver if you've gone overboard with product and you need to start all over again but don't have time to wash it out. Simply spray in some dry shampoo and you can start working your style all over again!
Out of the many brands I have tried over the years, I love the Label M Dry Shampoo best.


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