07 September 2011

Eye Spy With My Little Eyes.....

Photo: Vogue Italia

To follow on from my recent Mascara Mission plus my obsession with liquid eyeliner, it got me thinking about eye makeup removers.

I want something that is ultra gentle but gets it all off!!
Is that too much to ask? So, I'm on the case....

First up:

Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Gentle enough on my eyes, it also seems to get even the strongest of liquid eyeliner off with out too much scrubbing.
Just don't forget to shake the bi-phase formula!


Simple Cream Remover

As a budget option, this seems to do the job and the cream formula feels quite nourishing. However I did wake up with 'panda eyes' as it didn't seem to get all my mascara off!


MAC Gently Off 
Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
It certainly takes off even the most intense MAC red lipstick or darkest of dark smoky eyes, however, I'm not so sure that it is 'gentle' as the name suggests! I found this to be way too harsh on my sensitive eyes.


So, the search continues.......

Remember, the skin around your eye area is VERY thin. So treat it very gently which means NO scrubbing. If you find you are too heavy handed on your eyes, use your ring fingers to apply eye makeup remover and also to apply eye cream. Use gentle patting motion to apply eye cream.



  1. Hey Marple, could you please test something for me?? I love Boots own" Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Lotion" but I would also like to see how it compares to the rest? Also I hear natural sweet almond oil can also be used? Worth a test too? Thanks xx

  2. Definitely, I am always on the look out for new products to try- in particular eye care products as this is one of the first places we start to see our skin age... Whatever does the job most gently is fabulous! Will keep you posted! Mxx