02 July 2011

Jo Malone Bespoke Fragrance

When it comes to perfume, there is nothing better than your own signature scent.  It says a lot about you and your image.  I personally stick to two favourites, that I divide between Summer and Winter.  My long time Winter favourite has been Jo Malone's Pomegranite Noir.

The Jo Malone concept is all about creating a bespoke scent just for you which can be done by customizing with a second fragrance layered on top.

So whilst wandering through the Selfridges Beauty hall yesterday- in the name of research, of course! I made a delicious discovery....... by simply adding the gorgeous Nectarine Blossom & Honey on top of my beloved Pomegranite Noir,  it freshens up the fragrance and makes it feel lighter and Summery. I have now created my new bespoke Summer fragrance! 

With hundreds of combinations to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone!

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