30 November 2011

Ginger treats and best friends

Big love to one of my favourite friends ever, Floss for supplying me with Ginger treats to give me strength to get through a very stressful week.

Oh I am known to have a sweet tooth, and Green & Blacks is so decadent without being sickly sweet. To make it even better, they say dark chocolate is good for you- it's full of antioxidants! I think anything that makes you feel happy has got to be good for you anyway.

Note to self: don't forget how many amazing friends you have in this world & when times are tough: eat more chocolate.

29 November 2011

Hair Heroes -Part 2

A big, big congratulations goes to the wonderful Akin Konizi, Creative Director of Hob Salons on his big win, reclaiming his crown of British Hairdresser of The Year at Grosvenor House in London last night. Having been privileged to work alongside AK this year and watch his beautiful collection come into a reality, I can tell you now, it is well deserved.

Also to my Swedish love and partner in crime Christel Lundqvist for winning British Colour Technician of the Year, which places her in the Hall Of Fame! So this proves I have been lucky enough to be trained by the best of the best and it's fantastic that Christel can keep the profile of colourists right up there.

If that wasn't enough for Hob.... On a roll for sure, we took home the British Artistic Team of the Year too. Well done team, Daz, Andrea, Claire, Stan, Christel I am proud to have shared the journey with you all. Much deserved!

What a nice birthday surprise for me!!

And to many other talented finalists and winners- in particular Bruno from Marc Antoni, Angelo Vallillo from Zullo and Holland and the talented Mr Gary Gill from Monroes- I'm so proud of your achievements and I hope you all had a wonderful night.


26 November 2011

Baby, it's cold outside....

I admit, I do like the colder climate- it may well be the reason why I'm still in London. Don't get me wrong, I suffer from my share of the winter blues like anyone else but there is always a flip side. For me Winter fashion is far more stylish than Summer dressing, as the thought of exposing my legs minus anything less than 50 denier honestly gives me a panic attack.

Oh and any excuse to wear fur makes me happy! (before I get any complaints from activists- I mean faux or vintage of course)

Top tip to nourish your Winter complexion, or any time your skin needs a boost, such as after a long haul flight:

Apply a rich amount of CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM on your face and neck for 10 mins, then rinse and moisturise for baby soft skin in a flash.

This is exactly what I plan to do right now!

25 November 2011

Ginge of the Week: BJORK!

In keeping with this month's blatant musical trend in Ginger hair fashion,
here at Makeup Marple, I am crowning the zany songstress
with this week's highest ginger honour.

Usually sporting a darker, shade, perhaps she has realised Ginger's have more fun and for her latest album release has opted for an electric shade of orange whilst working a quite amazing textured look. Whatever the reason, it sure beats her infamous swan look from back in the day!


24 November 2011

Kiss Kiss! Top 3 Lip Balms!

There's that chill in the air now, time to dig out the fur already (not for long though as I'm off to the sunny shores of Australia in less than three weeks now!) I'm spending lots of time up in Leeds for work and it's got to be at least 10 degrees cooler. This plays havoc on my skin and dries it out, so for winter months it's best to take extra care- richer moisturiser, hand cream and lots of lip balm!

My top 3 Lip Balms are all essentials to me for different reasons or seasons...

1. Lucas Papaw Ointment
In first place,this is little beauty is a bargain, however quite tricky to buy here in the UK.
Yes, I will be sure to stock up whilst on my travels. Papaw ointment, which is created using Papaya as a base as opposed to petroleum (in Oz they call that Papaw- don't ask me why.... maybe like the courgette-zucchini debate!?)

With a formula that has been around for over 100 years, it is made up in far north Queensland. It not only soothes chapped lips but also has healing properties, so great for skin irritations of any kind ie insect bites, nasty spots, you name it. Great on dry elbows or any areas of extreme dryness!  It's one of my makeup kit must haves for shoots and can be used wherever skin needs a natural sheen without being overly glossy.


2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
With a cult following amongst beauty opbsessives, I was first introduced to this little wonder on a long haul flight from Melbourne to London. Longhaul flights generally result in me buying every form of moisturising product on the market for fear that I might shrivel up like a prune by the time I arrive! However, Eight Hour Cream has been around forever (since the 1950's) and  is my favourite to use as a non-sticky gloss when my lips also need some extra TLC.  I've used it on loads of shoots on it's own to enhance natural lip colour or it can be worn over lipstick. Although the smell and taste may not be to everyone's liking, it works wonders on very dry skin.  I have even been known to cover my hands in it before bed when they were really suffering from my salon days, I would wake with baby soft mits! When I'm on holiday I love the lipbalm version as it contains an SPF and is still moisturising at the same time.


3. Carmex

Yes- you heard me right! Carmex lipbalm is another little bargain beauty must have. (I find the tube version more nourishing than the one in the pot)  In the middle of the harshest of Winters when my lips are chapped and dry this is the saviour in the most extreme cases!
Featuring an SPF of 15 you can use it all year round.
Oh yeah and the cherry flavour is a delicious bonus.... if only it came in orange.....



23 November 2011

Hair Hero- Vidal Sassoon

My highlight of last night's tele would have to be the Vidal Sassoon movie. In fact it's the highlight of my TV week. For all you hairdressers out there, I highly recommend you see it, if you haven't already.

Although I'm not a hair cutter and I don't particularly find geometric haircuts to my liking, I really found myself having that same 'Alexander McQueen' inspiration while watching this doco. I LOVE the way Sassoon had a true passion to be the best at his field and master the craft. He then took a different way of looking at hair- in his case it was architecture- to bend the rules in order to create something that had never been done before. He was also the first hairdresser (as far as I'm aware to build the link between hair and fashion industry while also building the profile of hairdressing as an industry. I admire any hairdresser who works with this is mind!

I have always loved everything that 60's fashion stands for and sometimes when I'm walking around Carnaby St or the Kings Rd I think about the buzz that would have been like there at that time.

The style genius of the era of course is Mr Vidal Sassoon himself. There was such a revolution going on and suddenly girls got braver with their sense of style. This can all be owed to the talent and skill of Sassoon and the way in which he saw the importance of hair as a fashion accessory.

One of the highlights of my days working at Wella would be working up close with the Vidal Sassoon artistic team. I was very priveleged to witness this up close and learnt so much from them. They never failed to present collections that were and still are polished to perfection and I was always excited to see what they would present each season as they carry on the standard and philosophy of Sassoon.

So thankyou Mr Sassoon for putting your stamp on the hair world!

18 November 2011

Ginge Of The Week: LITTLE BOOTS!

Meet this week's Ginger goddess-

Whilst we haven't heard a lot in recent times from the supercool songbird aka Little Boots, her stunning new look- a delicate peach hue, coincides with her latest offering to the pop world.
It compliments her skin tone just perfectly and to make her new colour even more honourable, it was created by my dear friend, fellow Ginge and mega talented colourist- Sophia of Kennaland.
Ginger love all round!

17 November 2011

Vogue Around The World....

November Issues:

So my countdown to Australia for Christmas begins, with less than a month to go! I decided to check out the latest Vogue Australia's cover- starring the familiar face of Isabel Lucas (I remember her on "Home and Away, back in the day!)

She's come a long way from Home & Away to Hollywood!
This Vogue expedition led me to take a look at recent covers from around the globe.
Here's a selection of my favourites:

Divine: Arizona Muse

Steven Meisel rockin the glam papparazzi

Only Lara could get away with wearing something this yellow and still look hot!


The Only Way is Ginger!

Here we have another fabulous ginger product, following on from last week's Ginger Denman! Over the coming weeks, I will investigate the latest and greatest ginger products from around the globe.
Today, I'm loving Loreal Playball Working Gum It's a re-workable, gum- paste which smells delicious and is great for scrunching into my hair when dry to give mega volume and maximum movement in my usually limp, slightly wavy locks.


13 November 2011

Bargain Beauty Must Have- BB Cream!

"BB Cream" otherwise known as Blemish Balm is big, big beauty news in Asia these days- designed to give a flawless, natural, no- makeup appearance.  Many cosmetic brands have followed suit and created their own version and that is why Garnier's BB Cream was created.

Garnier BB Cream delivers all of the above and more- this little tube does 100 things at once!!! You may have noticed by now that I really love natural looking, radiant skin- skin that looks like skin without 'cakey' coverage and the more a cream does at once- the better!
What's not to love?
Let's investigate Garnier's BB Cream.
I would classify it as a tinted moisturiser- which evens skin tone, gives light natural coverage, lasts all day,  nourishes and even has an SPF! It's easy to apply, the texture is great and unlike usual budget tinted moisturisers, it dries quickly on the skin.
(Maybe I exaggerated about the 100 things.....)
It may even be the perfect daily replacement for- dare I say it, my beloved Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser!! Since becoming a Laura Mercier addict, I have never found a product that comes close until now. It is is the perfect product to use with Garnier Caffeine Anti Dark Circles roll on concealer which I told you about last month.  BB Cream comes in light, medium and dark shades to suit your natural skin tone and priced at under 10 pounds, it's a bargain beauty must have you must try!

11 November 2011

Ginge of The Week: PALOMA FAITH!

Is there an unwritten rule out there that says if you're a ginger songstress 
you just have to be a little bit kooky?! 
Whatever the case may be, I'm a fan of
and her luscious autumnal copper locks, so I crown her with this week's ultimate ginger honour!


10 November 2011

Versace for H&M

The much anticipated Versace for H&M Collection is almost here! And just as exciting is the amazing ad which has finally been launched. I'm pleased to announce I was lucky enough to assist on the filming of this little beauty! Filmed at Black island Studios here in London, it must be the largest scale production I have ever witnessed. In fact I had no idea just how much work goes into the production of a project of this calibre. Donatella and her daughter Allegra were there on set and seemed very lovely.

I had the job of looking after that little piece of gorgeousness you may have spotted in the video- male model, River Viipieri (above). Duties included taking him for smoothies and ensuring he didn't mess up his hair or run away. (Oh poor me! The joy of being an assistant! He was absolutely delightful and very entertaining to say the least) With his sights set on acting when his modelling days are over, River is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

*Click on the title of the post to see the full video, it's all about fashion and fantasy combining- Versace style! AMAZING!!*

Following the success of H&M's other annual collaborations with designers such as Stella McCartney and Cavalli, this time it was Versace's turn to hit the high street.
The collection is bold, beautiful, colourful and everything you would expect from Versace. From the campaign to the video and the collection itself, there is nothing watered down about this collaboration so join the queue for your own piece of designer fashion history. In selected stores November 17th.


09 November 2011

Hair Extraordinaire

Back in July, I introduced you to the hair talents of Charlie Le Mindu His most recent show, entitled 'Burka Curfew' for On/Off (sponsored by L'Oreal Professionel) held for the first time this season at Paris Fashion Week.

As the first hairdresser to actually show at Fashion Week, he has been successfully doing so since 2009, creating a link between the hair and fashion world in a way that has never been done before. His extreme creations, may not be wearable in every day life, yet I'm sure we can all appreciate the amazing skill and imagination behind his work. Like an avant garde editorial brought to life on the catwalk, with the right mix of high fashion and controversy, he never fails to deliver a captivating collection.

Charlie's SS12 collection pushed the boundaries of reality and fantasy, featuring a colour pallette of midnight black with a high gloss finish and deep ink blue tones throughout. It followed an Arabic theme showcasing his fabulous hairy creations from wigs and hair pieces to actual dresses made from hair- some of which have been recently worn by Lady Gaga herself who is an avid fan of Charlie's work.

Here are just a few images from this collection:

This dress, above, featured false nails & hair as an embellishment!

05 November 2011

The Only Way Is Ginger!

Every hairdresser has a Denman brush in their kit! You know my quest for all things orange includes many other things and not just hair colour. So imagine my delight when I received this limited edition, orange fragranced Denman brush of my own. The perfect Ginger's hairbrush! It comes in 5 different luscious, fruity flavours so I suggest you get one to match your hair colour.

Fingers crossed with the success of this range, they might expand it a little next year.... My request?

A ginger 'flavoured' Denman! It will be the ultimate Ginger styling must have, for sure.
Love it!

Priced at under £10 it's also this week's BBM
(bargain beauty must-have)

Ps Happy Birthday Lil Sis, Carla in Australia...
Remember, remember the 5th of November- they have fireworks here on your birthday!!

04 November 2011

Ginge of The Week: Tori Amos!

Before there was Florence, there was Tori Amos, the original flame haired, cool n kooky songstress. I was gutted to discover a little too late as I left deep dark west London to fly home to the east, that she was playing at the Hammersmith Apollo last night! I'm loving this old pic of Tori for it's 90's authenticity, you must have caught on to my 90's fascination at least a little bit by now. However two decades on, at 46 she still has the Ginger attitude, talent and of course, electrifying hair colour that make her worthy of this week's Ginger honour!

02 November 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

Who can believe it's November already? It feels like yesterday was the Royal Wedding but here we are are, the clocks have changed last weekend and the Christmas lights are just about to go on! I love the vibe in London leading up to Christmas. Its all about ice skating, mulled wine and parties!

As it's November, it is birthday season in my family-
Happy Birthday Katie!

With Marple's very own birthday just around the corner (yes, I'm trying to come to terms with this!) this month in fact- I'm on a quest to find the best in anti-ageing products around! I'm all for lotions and potions to keep me looking younger than my years without the need for any nasties.... Well, not just yet anyway. If this changes, I will be sure to let you know! So let me know your favourite products.... Is there a miracle product out there, I'm yet to discover?!

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