25 May 2011

Chanel - Cruise 2012 | The Tale of a Fairy The Short Film by Karl Lagerf...

Ok so while we're on the subject of Ms McMenamy (yes I do have the tendancy to get slightly obsessed)

I thought you might like this Chanel movie preview.

Also featuring my style crush of the year- Freja Beha and one of the hottest men alive- Baptiste Giambiconi

Acting & story line aside, it's all about the clothes, people!! The clothes are divine and I think it is beautifully executed.  I'm loving the sunglasses -which are usually worn indoors, of course and Kristen's make up is fab.  Especially love the bleached eyebrows!

I do notice she seems to have a regrowth!? I think that there is some colour in her hair after all! What do you think?


22 May 2011

Kristen McMenamy

Kristen was a supermodel of the 90's and how time flies..... 46?!?!!!
I even double checked by googling her stats just to be sure.  Apparently, her hair is not coloured, however as a hair colourist myself, I'm not so sure its natural. Apparently, she stopped colouring her hair six years ago.  If this is the case she is very, very lucky to have such an amazing natural colour.  Most people as they go grey turn an uneven salt and pepper colour that is usually very aging  and also much coarser in texture!

Kirsten also appeared earlier this month on the catwalk in Cannes for Chanel in a swimsuit! Brave!!

Oh the genetics of a supermodel!
I can only dream of looking that good at 46


21 May 2011

Confession: Italian Vogue Obsession

April 2011
As usual I would expect nothing more than the beauty and perfection that is an Italian Vogue cover
Kristina Salinovic photographed by Stephen Meisel
Make up by the amazing Pat McGrath
I'm loving the simple but strong use of colour on this cover....

March 2011
This is one of my favourite Vogue Italia covers of all time

Saskia de Brauw by Stephen Meisel
Make up by Pat McGrath

Notice again the hair is covered with an amazing turban, while its not a look I can pull off, it is a great solution if you're having a bad hair day!

Saskia also made the Paris Vogue cover that same month, busy girl!

Minimalist, chic Parisian style.
Photographed by Mert and Marcus.... beautiful in it's own right, such a contrast to Vogue Italia's cover with Saskia for the same month.


20 May 2011

Hello Blog World!

Well it's official, I am now part of the wonderful world of blogs! One of my favourite past times these days has to be blog-hopping, whether its fashion or beauty or any subject at all, useful or useless- there is so much to be discovered!

So this blog will be dedicated to one of my greatest loves.... makeup! Plus any other things that I find weird or wonderful.

Happy reading!