29 July 2011

Ginge of the Week: Lady Gaga!

As I'm posting this to you live from the Big Apple, this week we pay homage to NYC's ultimate it girl-
Lady Gaga 
While she may change her hair colour on a daily basis (clearly she is not loyal to the ginger locks) 
This look featured in Rolling Stone Magazine in May 2011 and I thought this metallic-peachy hue could be a worthy winner of the Ginge of the week title. Its a great Summer shade of ginger.


28 July 2011

Makeup Marple's Travel Essentials

In my world there never seems to be enough minutes in the day. So when it comes to packing for an trip away, this requires military precision combined with ability to think under pressure and pack a suitcase at lightening speed! Not saying I leave it to the last minute... but..... maybe I do!

Now as you may have guessed, Makeup Marple doesn't pack light. Especially when it comes to packing beauty products.

In flight essentials:
*Moisturiser- reapply throughout the flight
*Lip balm- my in flight favourite is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
*Hand cream- I'm loving Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk these days
*Refreshing spray- Liz Earle, Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzerkeeps your skin hydrated
*Makeup wipes- good to have on hand if you need to freshen up, even for hands!
*Eye drops- on hand for long flights as cabin air-conditioning drys eyes out
*Rescue remedy- if your a stressy traveller it's peace & calm in a bottle
*Paracetamol/ aspirin- nothing worse than a headache mid flight
*Chewing gum- stops your ears from hurting during take off and landing
*Hand sanitiser- to keep the germs away of course
*Makeup bag- full of the essentials: concealer, tinted moisturiser, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick (not only gives some life to my tired in flight skin, but doubles as eyeshadow!), mascara and lipstick of course.
*sunglasses- if makeup won't fix it reach for big shades + lipstick, works every time!

Always keep travel size shampoo, conditioner and mini cleansers or moisturisers this means more room in your suitcase for shopping and these travel sizes are also perfect for your in flight essentials too. (Many of the big brands do great gift with purchase mini size products which are great to have on hand for travel)

Travel makeup should be kept to a minimum. I always find that the combination of lipstick, mascara and shimmer brick are the defining factor which, when reapplied just before landing, makes me feel half human after a long flight.

Have heels on hand to make a glamourous exit from the aircraft (clearly not in an emergency exit, it tears the escape slide apparently)

Dress comfy but stylishly- no need to wear pyjamas unless you're in first class plus there's no chance of an upgrade if you rock up to the airport looking like a tramp!

And don't forget throughout the flight to drink water, water and more water trust me your skin will thank you for it.

Top Tip: to revitalise & moisturise tired skin after a long flight use a nourishing face mask before bed. My 2 favourites are Avene's Soothing Moisture Mask or the Multi Vitamin Power Mask by Dermalogica.

Bon Voyage!

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26 July 2011

Marple Loves It!

After attending the fabulous Coterie, hair industry event last night, we were lucky enough to go home with Pureology goodie bags.

In my line of work, I have always been fortunate to have access to the newest, best hair products around. However, although Pureology has been established for a number of years now,I had not yet tested out Pureology- despite the rave reviews I have heard about these formulations.

It is a luxury haircare brand, designed with the colourist in mind- as stated on the bottle: it's all about serious colour care.

The entire Pureology range is:
  • environmentally friendly
  • sulphate free (great if you suffer from sensitive scalp)
  • contains organic botanicals-rose, peppermint and green tea
  • 100% vegan (I don't think this means you can eat it though!)
  • natural ingredients such as soy proteins
  • antifade complex- full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreenRE SYSTEM
I washed my hair this morning and followed with my new Pureology Hydrate Conditioner.  Not only did it smell fabulous, but my hair has remained soft and shiny all day long without being limp or flat.  I think this would be a great range for coloured hair that needs extra hydration or nourishment all year round.

First thing on my shopping list tomorrow is the shampoo!

If the conditioner was so good on it's own, I can only imagine what it might be like when I use it combined with the shampoo.....

Will keep you posted on the result!

Rating: 10/10


25 July 2011

Introducing Style Icon: Charlotte Rampling

The epitome of the 60's and 70's goddess, Charlotte Rampling has a look that is timeless.  You could be mistaken for thinking some of her images are straight from the pages of current magazines as they exhibit a style and feeling that is still in fashion and very now.

As a style era- I adore the 60's and 70's for so many different reasons. I  just wish I was alive then to actually be a part of it! With the 70's influence in AW2012 fashion, I was delighted when I discovered this amazing style icon. 

Photographed by legends such as Helmut Newton, David Bailey and Jurgen Teller here is a small selection of some of my favourite Charlotte images:

above: Kate Moss vibe??

In addition to her modelling, Charlotte has been famed for her acting in quite interesting and sometimes controversial roles in both English, French and Italian cinema. So she's not just a pretty face, to speak all these languages, requires talent!!
Charlotte in the controversial Italian film- Il Portiere Di Notte (The Night Porter)
A look that has inspired many collections and editorials to this day

a recent editorial in VS Magazine SS11 that could easily have been inspired by the Night Porter
There is also speculation from the fashion world that Louis Vuitton's AW2012 Show was inspired by the Night Porter. Judging by these pictures below, I think they're on the right track there!

I don't want to wish our (non existent) Summer away.... but with such strong, decadent looks as these in store for Winter, Makeup Marple says- "BRING IT ON!"


24 July 2011

Skincare Saviour- Liz Earle

Last year my skin went into a bad phase, to the point that I was convinced that after having escaped my teenage years without having troublesome skin that maybe I was doomed to start developing adult acne for  no apparent reason. Mind you, it was hardly on the acne scale but I felt like I needed to take action.

Then I was introduced to Liz Earle- Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser and I have not experienced troublesome skin since!

Cleanse & Polish is a naturally based formula that cleanses your face and removes makeup (including eye makeup) and when used with the muslin cloth which is included, has an exfoliating effect on your skin too. So it really is a fabulous cleanser that just about does everything.
Rating: 9/10

22 July 2011

Ginge of the Week: Grace Coddington!

To get myself in the New York state of mind, ahead of my trip to the big apple next week.... (provided I locate my missing passport) I have crowned the Creative Director of US Vogue- Grace Coddington as this week's Ginge of the Week.

Having remained loyal to her ginger roots, from her days as 60's Vogue cover girl to her current role as the creative force alongside Anna Wintour, she still wears one of the most fabulous, striking shades of copper to this day.

 At the grand age of 70, Grace is truly an inspirational icon in both the fashion world AND the Ginger world!


21 July 2011

Fringe Benefits- The Transformation of Paris Hilton

Well they didn't call it the transformation issue for nothing now did they??
This months issue of V magazine is, as usual bursting at the seams with some fantastic shoots. Covergirl Penelope Cruz is looking smokin' hot- and as for the black and white editorial featuring Paris Hilton, that speaks for itself! 

Photographed - Daniele & Iango
Makeup -Ayako
Hair- Luigi Murenu

As Paris is certainly working the black liquid eyeliner I'm loving her new heavy fringe and longer locks. This new look takes her away from the trashy playboy bunny image and not only makes her look 5 years younger but also gives her some serious style-cred! 

I may be biased towards the fringed look (yes I have sported a fringe since I was about 3!) However. it does reinvent itself year after year and is a quick way to change your look without losing length.

The young Makeup Marple with Nonno (Granddad) showing you how the 80's fringe is done!
I think a fringe is a cheaper alternative to botox or for those of you that are needle-shy. With so many different ways to wear a fringe, it's simply a matter of finding the RIGHT fringe no matter what your face shape. Don't try it at home.......leave it in the hands of a talented cutter and you too can look younger and hotter.


Makeup Bag Must Have: Tinted Moisturiser

I searched high and low for a foundation that didn't irritate my sensitive, temperamental skin and found it in the form of a tinted moisturiser.  Laura Mercier gives you a healthy glowing complexion with a natural coverage as it allows your skin to still look like skin. I can't bear a foundation that is mask like- that maybe ok for halloween or fancy dress but certainly not for every day wear! So with this fabulous find you get the perfect amount of coverage, plus you get the nourishment of a moisturiser and it even has SPF20...... I love a product that almost does everything!

Comes in a variety of shades to suit your skin and also an oil free version if your skin is that way inclined

For an extra glow add the hydrating primer underneath if your skin needs a boost (I like to use this especially in the winter when my skin needs added TLC)

There are so many different tinted moisturisers out there, but so far nothing has come close to my Laura Mercier. I try new brands here and there, but ALWAYS come back to this makeup bag must have! Should I find a replacement- you will be the first to know!

Rating: 10/10

19 July 2011

The Talented Charlie Le Mindu

At the grand old age of 24, French born Charlie Le Mindu has managed to single-handedly link the hair and fashion worlds in a way that no other salon super group has managed to do as yet. After gaining a cult following with his original pop up salons in Berlin's coolest clubs, (way before pop up's were even cool!) he moved to London where his creativity and talent earned him a reputation that is second to none.

Famed for his wig work, he has created pieces for Lady Gaga and his work has appeared in countless magazines. But to me, his most impressive achievement to date is his own catwalk shows, held at London Fashion Week since 2009!
*click on the title of the post for a link to Charlie's AW2010 show which is one of my faves to date*

His shows are an insight into the mind of a creative genius. Slightly eccentric and always controversial, it is the way his creations are executed with perfection which showcases his pure skill. Charlie has a talent and the mind of a hair genius and I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in Fashion Weeks to come. I can't wait to see what he creates next!

17 July 2011

Colour Blocking to Brighten Up Your Day

On a dreary, grey Sunday like today, I think we need to show some love for happy, bright colour to lift the mood!

A/W 2011 is all about colour blocking with strong hues so why not get started with some electric bright lip colour such as MAC's Lady Danger or if eyes are your focus- MAC pigment in Fuschia or Acid Orange should do the trick followed by matching coloured mascara for an even more striking electric feel. If you don't have coloured mascara you can simply mix clear mascara with any shade of MAC pure pigment powder to create your own customised shade.

Just thinking about these colours brightens my day and I feel sunnier no matter what the weather!!


PS This electrifying look was created by makeup artist Clio Zammatteo for Vogue Italia online. Check out www.vogue.it/beauty for more of Clio's amazing work and tutorials

The Best Liquid Eyeliners Around:

I love my liquid eyeliner, the blacker the better! From day to night it creates a finish on your eyes which can be as dramatic or understated as you like depending on how thick or thin you apply your line. I almost feel like my face isn't finished if I'm not wearing eyeliner, so the right liquid liner is of high importance to me! I recently went on a quest to discover the perfect, most durable, easy to apply shade of black liquid liner. I've divided the best of my findings into 3 types: brush & bottle, pen and pot. Trust me... Using liquid eyeliner is easier than it looks- you just need to find the right one!

So here we have Makeup Marple's handpicked selection of the best of the black:

YSL l'eyeliner noir- the black eyeliner
Once you get used to the super fine brush, which I found a little tricky to manouvere in the beginning, this liquid liner truly is a dream! From it's perfect shade of deep, true black, to it's precision and longevity. It not only lasts all day but stays put too and is easily removed without scrubbing.
This is the liquid liner that ticks all the boxes!

Rating: 9/10

Estee Lauder Double Wear, Zero Smudge Liquid Liner
Finally, a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle! This liner is quick and easy to apply thanks to the shape of the brush and is all about zero smudging as the name suggests.... A true shade of black (you would be surprised how many brands claim to be 'black' but are in my opinion more of a charcoal or brownish- black or just not quite black!) The staying power is great, however it requires some hardcore eye makeup remover plus a little too much scrubbing to remove it.

Rating: 8/10

YSL Easy Liner for Eyes
This liner pen reminds me of a calligraphy pen, which can easily create a beautiful line.
However, it has 2 major downfalls:
1. The colour- which is supposed to be black, but in my opinion just not black enough! It comes out as more of a translucent charcoal colour.
2. Like most liner pens, it seems to run out far too quickly for it's price.

Rating: 5/10

MAC Penultimate Liquid Liner, rapid black

MAC's liquid liner pen is more of a felt tip marker and again very easy to use to create a precise line. The colour is a lot stronger than the YSL and lasts all day but again the product seems to run out too quick. Penultimate liner would be great for someone who is new to liquid liner as the shape of the pen and brush is easy to use even if your hand is a little unsteady.

Rating: 7.5/10

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner, black ink
As far as liquid liners in a pot are concerned this one is my favourite! With it's gel consistency it glides on so easily to create a beautiful line that lasts all day long. I bought mine as a travel duo set in flight which consisted of the 'black ink' plus 'sepia ink' (which is a nice alternative to black for day wear only) and a mini brush to apply it with. Gotta love inflight makeup shopping, I say it's therapy to alleviate my silly fear of flying!! My only disappointment was that it does seem to dry out a little too quickly in the pot. Top tip: use a small brow angle brush as opposed to a liner brush to create a more precise line.

Rating: 9/10

MAC Fluid Line, blacktrack
Easy to apply with the gel consistency, I find it doesn't really stay put all day and isn't quite black enough. However, it does make up for these downfalls (no pun intended!) with the variety of colours that are available. Add a splash of summer colour with a shade such as 'macro violet' which looks great on blue or green eyes.

Rating: 7/10

Ms Minogue shows us exactly how to work the liquid liner!!

Top 3 favourites:
YSL l'eyeliner noir
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner


15 July 2011

Ginge of the Week: Tia Eckhardt!

Australian model Tia Eckhardt for Wheels & Dollbaby is this week's Ginge of the Week.
Rocking out a luscious shade of rich, deep terracotta Tia is certainly worthy of this week's honor.


14 July 2011

Nail Art

Recently, I discovered that one of my favourite stores, American Apparel makes nail varnish in some super cool Summer shades such as one of my current favourites 'Factory Grey' .....Yes, I am in dire need of a manicure and have had a busy week colouring hair so my cuticles are a disgrace!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, I discovered this amazing top coat from Barry M that creates almost a 'shattered' effect which also looks like some kind of intricate/leopard print nail art, which quite frankly I don't have either the skill or patience to paint myself! Believe me there are girls out there clever enough to do this freehand, but I love the simplicity of a quick top coat which does the trick in seconds!

All you need is one coat of the Barry M 'Instant Nail Effects' on top of your favourite Summer shade and watch it shatter before your eyes! ( I opted for black to go with my current goth phase)

The fierce finished effect:

My lovely housemate & I were having a night in painting our nails this evening and getting over excited about the shatter polish!

She worked the look on top of one of our favourite reds also by Barry M appropriately named 'Bright Red'

Don't forget to shake the bottle well before application & apply clear top coat to finish/ seal the shatter effect:

At just £3.99 head to your nearest Boots chemist or Topshop to get your bargain bottle of nail art fun..... It also comes in white and metallic silver, so the Summer colour combinations are endless!




13 July 2011

Oh Aggy!

Just wanted to share another beauty by Solve Sundspo - Miss Agyness Deyn....

In my opinion she looks far more beautiful with hair as opposed to that shaved head, which I suspect had something to do with the ghastly black colour she had instead of her trademark ice white blonde! Maybe she thought the only way to get back to blonde was to reach for the clippers and start all over?! If only Aggy tracked me down, I would of loved to of brought her blonde back to life!!!


12 July 2011

Top 3 Hair Products I Can't Be Without

Despite all the fancy, new hair products out there these days, these 3 'must haves' remain at the core of my hair care/style regime:
  • Hairspray
Yes! Good old fashioned hairspray does the trick! Whether it's to hold a style in place, add some texture, curl, smooth or scrunch- there is possibly 101 different uses for it.  These days most hairsprays are quite flexible which means you can brush them out easily and hair still moves unlike the old school lacquers which hold your hair stiff (fine if that's the look you're after) and are difficult to remove.
One of the best: Sebastian Reshaper

  • Leave in Conditioner
NEVER blow dry or iron your hair with out it!!! That's the rule.... even if you have fine hair there is a product to suit every hair type. I think of it like moisturiser. Same as applying moisturiser after washing your face, you apply leave in conditioner after washing your hair.
My faves include: Sebastian Potion 9 and also Alterna Color Hold Spray Leave In
  • Dry Shampoo
Always great to have in your bathroom or handbag to use between shampoo's when your roots are looking too greasy to be acceptable. Simply spray it on your roots for an instantly fresher look.... they don't call it shampoo in a can for nothing do they?!! Just don't forget to either blast some air through with your hairdryer or blend it through with your fingers or you could look like you have grey roots, particularly if your hair is a darker colour. Although cleverly, some brands such as Bumble & Bumble have coloured versions. Genius!  Dry shampoo is a sure fire, festival season must have! 
It's also a life saver if you've gone overboard with product and you need to start all over again but don't have time to wash it out. Simply spray in some dry shampoo and you can start working your style all over again!
Out of the many brands I have tried over the years, I love the Label M Dry Shampoo best.


08 July 2011

Ginge of the Week: Italian Vogue Covergirl!

Italian Vogue
November 2009
Photographed by Steven Meisel
Makeup Pat McGrath

As this is one of my favourite Italian Vogue covers of all time, whether Danish model Rianne Tek Haken has kept her amazing venetian red hair colour or not is irrelevant to me. 
This cover is so fierce that Rianne more than deserves her place in my weekly ginger hall of fame.


07 July 2011

Bargain Beauty Discovery!

While I'm still on the look out for the perfect but gentle eye makeup remover, I must share one of the best bargain beauty discoveries......

  • Johnsons Baby Oil
It will remove the strongest of liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, anything!
With absolutely no stinging or more importantly no need to scrub your eyes! It also has a softening effect on the eye area, however can feel a little greasy if you don't rinse it off enough.

It's a bargain you can't refuse and you can also use it on damp skin just out of the shower for babysoft skin all over!

Definately one to keep on hand in the bathroom for eye makeup removal emergencies!


06 July 2011


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05 July 2011

The Gloss

  • Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss
I was like a kid in a sweet shop at the Illamasqua flagship store just off Carnaby St on the weekend.  Whilst on the mascara mission, I was drawn to Illamasqua's selection of lipglosses.  They come in 2 formulas: intense & sheer.   This gloss is the perfect amount of shine, that actually stays on without the stickiness that most glosses tend to have.

I opted for sheer 'Torture' (yes, that's the shade of lipgloss, nothing else!) which is a sheer peach colour.
Although it looks bright orange in the photo, the sheer colour adds just the right amount of tone to create a bit of daytime glamour without going overboard.

A great shade to compliment any shade of red or brunette hair.  If you're blonde, stick with the shade 'soul' which is more of a pink based nude tone.

I'm not a fan of Illamasqua for foundation, lipstick or eyeshadow, despite their high pigment shades as I find them very difficult to remove and a little too harsh on sensitive skin.  However, their lipgloss & mascara are definately at the top of my hit list!!


03 July 2011

Kate vs Kate

Fashion royalty- the supermodel & the rockstar get hitched in the English countryside:

Kate dressed in Galliano for her big day
The Duke & Duchess in their stately London extravaganza, which resulted in a day off so we could celebrate:
Kate in McQueen

Both brides looked gorgeous in such different ways..... there is no debate. I love them both!


02 July 2011

Vogue Italia Summer Editorial

Photographer: Greg Lotus
Stylist: Danny Santiago
Makeup: Stephen Dimmick
Hair: Roberto Di Cuia

What's not to love about this editorial which featured in the May edition of Vogue Italia??
Aside from it's title- "Be Tanned" which I don't agree with, unless fake of course! The clear, blue sky makes the perfect backdrop to show off the fab shape & texture in the hair, along with bold colour & super hot attitude- it's Summer lovin' perfection!

Jo Malone Bespoke Fragrance

When it comes to perfume, there is nothing better than your own signature scent.  It says a lot about you and your image.  I personally stick to two favourites, that I divide between Summer and Winter.  My long time Winter favourite has been Jo Malone's Pomegranite Noir.

The Jo Malone concept is all about creating a bespoke scent just for you which can be done by customizing with a second fragrance layered on top.

So whilst wandering through the Selfridges Beauty hall yesterday- in the name of research, of course! I made a delicious discovery....... by simply adding the gorgeous Nectarine Blossom & Honey on top of my beloved Pomegranite Noir,  it freshens up the fragrance and makes it feel lighter and Summery. I have now created my new bespoke Summer fragrance! 

With hundreds of combinations to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone!

01 July 2011

Ginge of The Week: Josephine De La Baume!

Josephine De la Baume
For Mango
Hot French starlet Josephine, sometimes ginger, possibly enhanced by clever retouching.... model, singer, actress and engaged to Mark Ronson!!
Can this girl get any luckier???