30 January 2012

The London Wedding

Apologies for my lack of posts but in between work and getting over that horrendous Aus-Ldn jet lag, this weekend, I also did makeup for a very special occasion- my sister's wedding.

Katie has been the most cool, calm and collected bride, whilst I was 'bridesmaidzilla' as my friend Sophie called me!!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Surace!

Us girls had loads of fun with dress fittings and helping Katie with the finishing touches. I think I may have even discovered my new calling as a milliner/headpiece designer (only joking) Stay tuned for bridal makeup and hair tips to come.

25 January 2012

When in London...

Our model James
Since my return to London I've been busy, busy!
This week I did the grooming for a look book and video for menswear designer Gozi. 
Her designs are really cool and it just goes to remind me how much you can actually create with menswear! The use of colour throughout her collection combined with the mix of prints was amazing. Our model James, is a serious contender for our GOTW title that's for sure!
Can't wait to see the final production!

20 January 2012

Ginge of The Week- Penelope Grayling!

This weeks Ginger princess hails from down under and has decided to find out if Ginger's really do have more fun! So, the night before I flew back to London, I was working my colour-magic. After much consideration Penelope decided on a glossy shade of rich copper which seamlessly merged into an electrifying peach tone on her ends due to previous colour. As we used a gloss colour (true semi permanent), it will wash out gradually without any regrowth and its the perfect way to try a new colour if you're not so sure.

Now she's been bitten by the Ginger Queen, there's no turning back!


14 January 2012

Marple Loves It- Elle UK Covers

Whilst checking out the latest and greatest in recent cover shoots from around the world, right now it was Elle UK who really caught my eye.  Judging by the dreamy colour pallettes used on all these cover shots, it seems to be a little preview of what's in store for SS12

The two versions of Gaga from the January edition, captured beautifully by Matt Irwin (who has also done some of my favourite images of Kylie in recent times) there's not much I can say.... it's just pure perfection.
subscribers edition

newstand edition

The following month, Elle UK has once again produced a gorgeous cover featuring the child star who has now grown into gorgeous young woman- Dakota Fanning.

Loving that magenta lipstick, which is perfect for brightening things up no matter how grey its looking out there back in London town!

Anyway, it's far too hot for me over here... I'll be back before you know it.

13 January 2012

Ginge of the Week: Tao Okamoto

Following on from my current seaside themes of late, it seemed fitting to crown - Japanese model Tao Okamoto with this week's Ginger honours due to the theme surrounding this editorial collection.

Sporting an electric shade of copper, to compliment Tao's porcelain complexion in this swimwear editorial for Vogue Japan from 2010. To give it even more Marple credibility, it was captured by multi-talented makeup guru turned photographer- Francois Nars. Im also loving the super stylish swimming cap, which, although not so stylish when worn correctly is actually not a bad idea to protect vibrant colours from the elements when having fun in the sun, pool or sea.


10 January 2012

Editorial: The Day The Work Is Done, Used Magazine AW11

As the sun was setting on our so called 'Indian Summer' last September, I assisted the talented Mr Gill on a men's editorial for Used Magazine's second issue.

After an early start and road trip we headed on location to the sea side, Gary and I had three dashing young men to beautify in our makeshift hair & makeup studio.

All in all it was a great shoot and so nice to escape the city for the day and get some fresh seaside air!

Photographs by Neil Gavin, assisted by Niall De Barra, styling by Ruth Higginbotham, assisted by Alice Oakhill, Grooming by Gary Gill, assisted by me.
Models- Adam Refoufi, Sam Thompson and Gavin Jones at Models 1


09 January 2012

Attention: Wannabe Bronzed Goddess!

After years of messing about with fake tan and- dare I admit it....even lured into using the dreaded sun beds a few times in a bid for that healthy bronzed glow.  I don't claim to be a an expert on tanning by any means as now, I have come to embrace my pale look!  Having grown up in Australia,  we are taught to be sun smart from the minute we step outside.  (Apparently the hole in the ozone is above Australia which is cause for more damage to the skin by UV rays than any where else in the world.)

If you too have witnessed the skin cancer scare campaign videos of my school days, you will understand where my love of all things SPF comes from..... besides, the best benefit of all is more youthful looking skin!!

Although I've embraced my pale look these days,  I do dread getting my legs out (it's far too hot to wear tights right now, much to my horror!) However, with a quick coating of the Sportsgirl Body Glow Instant Bronzer my legs are socially acceptable to be seen in the light of day!

Sportsgirl is a high street fashion chain over here which I would liken to Topshop, which stocks some great cosmetics items too these days as well as their usual clothes, shoes and accessories.

After literally searching the globe for the best instant bronzer, this beats them all hands down. Whether you naturally catch the sun or are a glow in the dark girl like me, it's the perfect shade of tan and so easy to apply that  you can't go wrong with Sportsgirls Instant Bronzer.

This is just one of the items I am sure to stock up on before my return to London town.


07 January 2012

Ginger vs Ginger

My first Ginge of the Week for 2012, 
Florence Welch 
also brings our first ginger debate- 
which shade of Ginge do you like best on Flo?

Florence by Mario Testino for Vogue UK

Moving onward and upward with not only her music career but now also in the fashion world, Florence has had the good fortune of being captured on film by not one but two fashion greats- Mario Testino and Karl Largerfeld. Resulting in not only extremely different looks which  also been reflected in the varying shades of Ginger hair colour.

Which look gets your vote? Testino's Bohemian Chic, featuring an ethereal vintage copper (above) or Lagerfeld's Polished Parisienne feel which has been complimented by a rich, saturated ruby red hue...

Florence by Karl Lagerfeld for her latest album release in 2011

01 January 2012

A new adventure begins....

In case you're wondering- there is a reason why I've gone M.I.A...
I've been busy sorting through nearly a decade's worth of clothes, makeup, basically rearranging my life, chasing a dream and doing something I always said I would eventually do, but never thought I actually would- move to New York for the Summer!

I'm not sure exactly how I thought it would be any easy process- a lot of planning and hard work goes into a trans-Atlantic relocation. However, I'm aware, that it's an opportunity that many people would love and not many get the chance to actually do it. And for the even harder part, leaving behind some of the most amazing friends and people I have ever met.

This just gives you the perfect excuse for a trip to NYC! (hint, hint)

London will always be in my heart- but for now, it's all about the new adventures in the big city. Considering London was only supposed to be a 6 month stint that turned into almost a decade, who knows what the future will hold?

Be back soon....

Apologies for the lack of posts, I shall be back in full swing soon enough! I'm just spending some quality time absorbing the sunshine and having fun times in oz before I bring you all the best in makeup, hair and fashion once again.
Big love,