22 July 2011

Ginge of the Week: Grace Coddington!

To get myself in the New York state of mind, ahead of my trip to the big apple next week.... (provided I locate my missing passport) I have crowned the Creative Director of US Vogue- Grace Coddington as this week's Ginge of the Week.

Having remained loyal to her ginger roots, from her days as 60's Vogue cover girl to her current role as the creative force alongside Anna Wintour, she still wears one of the most fabulous, striking shades of copper to this day.

 At the grand age of 70, Grace is truly an inspirational icon in both the fashion world AND the Ginger world!


1 comment:

  1. News just in: Grace is set to write her memoirs with a rumoured seven figured deal, Co authored with Michael Roberts who also writes for Vogue!
    How I love a good fashion biog.
    Makeup Marple can't wait for this one!!!