28 June 2011

Makeup Bag Must Have....

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Now this is one product that I can never be without! Winner of numerous beauty awards, it was created as a highlighting pallette, with five bars of luminous, shimmering colour.  Total value for money as it's so versatile, just don't drop it or you WILL cry! I also use it as a bronzer or blusher and the individual colours as eyeshadows too.  It's also great on lips under gloss or balm to add a hint of colour. So if i need to scale down my makeup bag for a night out or to fit in a smaller handbag, all I need is my Shimmer Brick, mascara, concealer, liquid eyeliner and lipstick.
It comes in 4 different colour combinations- my favourite being Bronze.

  • The lightest colour is amazing as a highlighter, either in the corner of your eyes, under the brow bone or even on the outer corner of your eyes above the cheekbone.  Not all at once though- that would be far too much, pick one area that you want to highlight to brighten up your complexion!
Rating 10/10
(yes this is my first 10/10 rating so far!!)


  1. I may have to invest! just dropped my sephora one, so depressing :(

  2. Oh no! Nothing worse than dropping your favourite makeup!! Def try Bobbi Brown for sure. X