14 July 2011

Nail Art

Recently, I discovered that one of my favourite stores, American Apparel makes nail varnish in some super cool Summer shades such as one of my current favourites 'Factory Grey' .....Yes, I am in dire need of a manicure and have had a busy week colouring hair so my cuticles are a disgrace!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, I discovered this amazing top coat from Barry M that creates almost a 'shattered' effect which also looks like some kind of intricate/leopard print nail art, which quite frankly I don't have either the skill or patience to paint myself! Believe me there are girls out there clever enough to do this freehand, but I love the simplicity of a quick top coat which does the trick in seconds!

All you need is one coat of the Barry M 'Instant Nail Effects' on top of your favourite Summer shade and watch it shatter before your eyes! ( I opted for black to go with my current goth phase)

The fierce finished effect:

My lovely housemate & I were having a night in painting our nails this evening and getting over excited about the shatter polish!

She worked the look on top of one of our favourite reds also by Barry M appropriately named 'Bright Red'

Don't forget to shake the bottle well before application & apply clear top coat to finish/ seal the shatter effect:

At just £3.99 head to your nearest Boots chemist or Topshop to get your bargain bottle of nail art fun..... It also comes in white and metallic silver, so the Summer colour combinations are endless!




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  1. Have just tried Beauty UK brand of shatter polish in silver, but it is hardly worthy of calling itself a shatter polish as it doesn't really shatter much at all. Disappointed to say the least.... Must try Orly next!