30 December 2011

Ginge of the Year! Happy 2012

Wishing you a very happy new year and the best of all things ginger, all the way from Australia...

For this week's Ginge of the Week, I bring you not one but 7 gorgeous ginger goddesses! 
I thought this gorgeous ginger clan was a great way to finish the year and bring in a bright, new beginning.

Here's to an amazing year ahead and thank you for all your support in 2011

26 December 2011

Marple's Tour of Oz

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with fabulous times with family and friends. Currently I'm super busy catching up with as many people as possible on my tour of Australia.

First stop was Melbourne to see my Mumma and middle sis, not forgetting my beautiful god daughter Moo and best friend Jo.

-My little sis Katie and her beau Cos joined us in Melbourne (for a rare Christmas with all 3 of us in the same country!) where we were greeted with the exciting news of their engagement! Woooohooo! Congratulations!!

Then it was off to the countryside to visit my grandparents, spend some quality time with my Dad and meet the newest addition to our family- the adorable baby Albi! (just one day old in this picture- so tiny, I'm looking forward to more cuddles before I leave)

Whilst braving this stifling heat, I'm enjoying the sunshine, much needed relaxation time and of course am on the lookout for the best beauty products Australia has to offer.
Stay tuned!

23 December 2011

Ginge of the Week: Alice Burdeu!

Gorgeous Aussie supermodel and Ginger icon
Alice Burdeu
Showing us how a rich, burnt copper should be worn in the hot Australian sunshine. Also proving my point once again that pale can be equally beautiful as interesting.

Merry Christmas Marplers

19 December 2011

Summer Loving..... Having a Blast!

Ok, so I'm not being biased as a (secret) Australian, however, second month running, I'm loving the Australian Vogue cover! And I thought it only fitting to feature it seeing as I'm posting from down under itself (Australia) Forgive my lack of posting in recent times, I've been mega busy with Loreal work and all that jazz that goes with planning a long trip. Now the eagle has landed, I'm struggling with jet-lag and trying my hardest to chill out and enjoy the quieter pace of life here.
Back to the cover! The stunning Carmen Pedaru in an electric blue onesie, shot by Cedric Buchet on what looks like a gorgeous (not Australian, possibly Greek isles??) beach. In fact today, I bought my first one piece swim suit! Not first ever, but I don't think I've worn a one piece since I was about 12. Can't wait to hit the beach, lets see if I can warm my pale skin from grey to ivory!!


15 December 2011

Ginge of The Week: TIA ECKHARDT!

As this week's Ginger honours are posted to you from across the sea, on the sunny shores of Australia, I felt it was only fitting that it went to my favourite Australian Ginger beauty:

Her gingerness varies from deep ruby reds to her shimmering metallic copper hue as seen above- all of which make for a striking and beautiful look.

12 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Marple's off to the sunny shores of Australia for Christmas and the New Year! Time to relax, hang out with family and friends and replenish my vit D levels!!
Now for that 24 hour plane journey.... In flight essentials include:
-Jurlique rosewater balancing mist- to hydrate and refresh my skin
-papaw ointment as lip balm
-loads of moisturiser (Loreal Youth Expert this time round- it's extra nourishing in flight and well priced so I can use as much as I like!)
-water, water and more water

I also like to bring a little bag of extras such as face wipes, eyedrops, paracetamol, berrocca, sinex nasal spray and of course antibacterial hand gel. That way if I get a headache or feel unwell at 36000 feet i have my own inflight Boots chemist with me. I don't take sleeping tablets or drink any alcohol during flights as I think it's best to stick with water and you will sleep where you can. Trust me after a 24 hour flight any sense of timezone you may have had will be knocked out of you! My tip is to arrive at night to minimise the effects of jet lag!

09 December 2011

Ginge of The Week: LUCY JONES!

This week's highest Ginger honour goes to the Telegraph's Lucy Jones .

With her glorious shade of vintage copper (not to be biased!) and fabulous taste in music, Lucy gives me a serious case of 'red envy' every time I colour her locks. To add to her ginger credibility, she recently interviewed fellow Ginge star Tori Amos! So if you want to know what's what in the music world, you simply must check out her blog:

08 December 2011

Marple's Makeup Must Have.... Illamasqua Pressed Powder

TBH (aaaaah, just joking, please feel free to send messages of abuse if I start blogging in abbreviations! I can't bear them and I think I may of written that purely to annoy myself!)
Anyway, let's start again:
To be honest, I am usually a little bit sceptical when it comes to powders as my skin tends to be on the dry side as opposed to oily. However a friend of mine gave me the Illamasqua Pressed Powder to try and I have been using it daily ever since!

It has a soft velvety feel and evens out my complexion without drying or caking, also gives my skin a radiant glow that I haven't seen with any other pressed powders before.
Illamasqua pressed powder is a great way to finish your makeup look, but be sure to add a dusting of your favourite bronzer or blush to avoid looking too ghosty! (at this time of year, I'm becoming quite dependant on my bronzer!!)

Illamasqua also do great mascara and lip glosses too and if you are in the trade, they also have a fab professional discount scheme so you can stock up your kit.

Rating: 9/10

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02 December 2011

Ginge of the Week: Zoe Cornwell!

To celebrate this week's British Hairdressing Awards, I am delighted to announce Zoe Cornwell with this week's highest Ginger honour.

This beautiful image and foxy shade of red was created by the totally talented super stylist Angelo Vallillo of Zullo & Holland, who is certainly one to watch in the hair world. (This collection made it through to the BHA finals on Monday!!!)

If there had of been an award for BHA's Model of the Year, it would of surely gone to Zoe who was featured in numerous award nominated collections this year!
From the ruby red she sported in Akin's collection to Christel's rioja hue, she certainly knows how to rock the ginger colour pallette in many ways.

01 December 2011

Topshop Makeup

Have you tried Topshop makeup yet? If not why not?
Created by the fabulously talented Hannah Murray, who I have had the pleasure of assisting at numerous Fashion Week's. Given the fashion cred and experience behind this collection- I am not surprised at the quality of this range, the great thing is it is all reasonably priced!

It covers all your bases and makes catwalk looks simple to recreate at home.  I love the range for it's fun products such as lip marker pens and crayons for eyes.  The nail varnishes come in every colour imaginable too. And with a fan base that includes Ellie Goulding, I think this range is here to stay.

My favourite so far is the kohl pencils, (I have them in both black and white) Which are honestly the best I've ever used! The texture, application, clarity of colour and longetivity of these kohl pencils is definately something to rave about.

Spring 2010 cover makeup by hannah murray