21 July 2011

Fringe Benefits- The Transformation of Paris Hilton

Well they didn't call it the transformation issue for nothing now did they??
This months issue of V magazine is, as usual bursting at the seams with some fantastic shoots. Covergirl Penelope Cruz is looking smokin' hot- and as for the black and white editorial featuring Paris Hilton, that speaks for itself! 

Photographed - Daniele & Iango
Makeup -Ayako
Hair- Luigi Murenu

As Paris is certainly working the black liquid eyeliner I'm loving her new heavy fringe and longer locks. This new look takes her away from the trashy playboy bunny image and not only makes her look 5 years younger but also gives her some serious style-cred! 

I may be biased towards the fringed look (yes I have sported a fringe since I was about 3!) However. it does reinvent itself year after year and is a quick way to change your look without losing length.

The young Makeup Marple with Nonno (Granddad) showing you how the 80's fringe is done!
I think a fringe is a cheaper alternative to botox or for those of you that are needle-shy. With so many different ways to wear a fringe, it's simply a matter of finding the RIGHT fringe no matter what your face shape. Don't try it at home.......leave it in the hands of a talented cutter and you too can look younger and hotter.


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