24 November 2011

Kiss Kiss! Top 3 Lip Balms!

There's that chill in the air now, time to dig out the fur already (not for long though as I'm off to the sunny shores of Australia in less than three weeks now!) I'm spending lots of time up in Leeds for work and it's got to be at least 10 degrees cooler. This plays havoc on my skin and dries it out, so for winter months it's best to take extra care- richer moisturiser, hand cream and lots of lip balm!

My top 3 Lip Balms are all essentials to me for different reasons or seasons...

1. Lucas Papaw Ointment
In first place,this is little beauty is a bargain, however quite tricky to buy here in the UK.
Yes, I will be sure to stock up whilst on my travels. Papaw ointment, which is created using Papaya as a base as opposed to petroleum (in Oz they call that Papaw- don't ask me why.... maybe like the courgette-zucchini debate!?)

With a formula that has been around for over 100 years, it is made up in far north Queensland. It not only soothes chapped lips but also has healing properties, so great for skin irritations of any kind ie insect bites, nasty spots, you name it. Great on dry elbows or any areas of extreme dryness!  It's one of my makeup kit must haves for shoots and can be used wherever skin needs a natural sheen without being overly glossy.


2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
With a cult following amongst beauty opbsessives, I was first introduced to this little wonder on a long haul flight from Melbourne to London. Longhaul flights generally result in me buying every form of moisturising product on the market for fear that I might shrivel up like a prune by the time I arrive! However, Eight Hour Cream has been around forever (since the 1950's) and  is my favourite to use as a non-sticky gloss when my lips also need some extra TLC.  I've used it on loads of shoots on it's own to enhance natural lip colour or it can be worn over lipstick. Although the smell and taste may not be to everyone's liking, it works wonders on very dry skin.  I have even been known to cover my hands in it before bed when they were really suffering from my salon days, I would wake with baby soft mits! When I'm on holiday I love the lipbalm version as it contains an SPF and is still moisturising at the same time.


3. Carmex

Yes- you heard me right! Carmex lipbalm is another little bargain beauty must have. (I find the tube version more nourishing than the one in the pot)  In the middle of the harshest of Winters when my lips are chapped and dry this is the saviour in the most extreme cases!
Featuring an SPF of 15 you can use it all year round.
Oh yeah and the cherry flavour is a delicious bonus.... if only it came in orange.....



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