13 November 2011

Bargain Beauty Must Have- BB Cream!

"BB Cream" otherwise known as Blemish Balm is big, big beauty news in Asia these days- designed to give a flawless, natural, no- makeup appearance.  Many cosmetic brands have followed suit and created their own version and that is why Garnier's BB Cream was created.

Garnier BB Cream delivers all of the above and more- this little tube does 100 things at once!!! You may have noticed by now that I really love natural looking, radiant skin- skin that looks like skin without 'cakey' coverage and the more a cream does at once- the better!
What's not to love?
Let's investigate Garnier's BB Cream.
I would classify it as a tinted moisturiser- which evens skin tone, gives light natural coverage, lasts all day,  nourishes and even has an SPF! It's easy to apply, the texture is great and unlike usual budget tinted moisturisers, it dries quickly on the skin.
(Maybe I exaggerated about the 100 things.....)
It may even be the perfect daily replacement for- dare I say it, my beloved Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser!! Since becoming a Laura Mercier addict, I have never found a product that comes close until now. It is is the perfect product to use with Garnier Caffeine Anti Dark Circles roll on concealer which I told you about last month.  BB Cream comes in light, medium and dark shades to suit your natural skin tone and priced at under 10 pounds, it's a bargain beauty must have you must try!

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