23 November 2011

Hair Hero- Vidal Sassoon

My highlight of last night's tele would have to be the Vidal Sassoon movie. In fact it's the highlight of my TV week. For all you hairdressers out there, I highly recommend you see it, if you haven't already.

Although I'm not a hair cutter and I don't particularly find geometric haircuts to my liking, I really found myself having that same 'Alexander McQueen' inspiration while watching this doco. I LOVE the way Sassoon had a true passion to be the best at his field and master the craft. He then took a different way of looking at hair- in his case it was architecture- to bend the rules in order to create something that had never been done before. He was also the first hairdresser (as far as I'm aware to build the link between hair and fashion industry while also building the profile of hairdressing as an industry. I admire any hairdresser who works with this is mind!

I have always loved everything that 60's fashion stands for and sometimes when I'm walking around Carnaby St or the Kings Rd I think about the buzz that would have been like there at that time.

The style genius of the era of course is Mr Vidal Sassoon himself. There was such a revolution going on and suddenly girls got braver with their sense of style. This can all be owed to the talent and skill of Sassoon and the way in which he saw the importance of hair as a fashion accessory.

One of the highlights of my days working at Wella would be working up close with the Vidal Sassoon artistic team. I was very priveleged to witness this up close and learnt so much from them. They never failed to present collections that were and still are polished to perfection and I was always excited to see what they would present each season as they carry on the standard and philosophy of Sassoon.

So thankyou Mr Sassoon for putting your stamp on the hair world!

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