05 November 2011

The Only Way Is Ginger!

Every hairdresser has a Denman brush in their kit! You know my quest for all things orange includes many other things and not just hair colour. So imagine my delight when I received this limited edition, orange fragranced Denman brush of my own. The perfect Ginger's hairbrush! It comes in 5 different luscious, fruity flavours so I suggest you get one to match your hair colour.

Fingers crossed with the success of this range, they might expand it a little next year.... My request?

A ginger 'flavoured' Denman! It will be the ultimate Ginger styling must have, for sure.
Love it!

Priced at under £10 it's also this week's BBM
(bargain beauty must-have)

Ps Happy Birthday Lil Sis, Carla in Australia...
Remember, remember the 5th of November- they have fireworks here on your birthday!!

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