31 October 2011

Foxy's Frightful Fashion Fix

For this weekend's Halloween antics, I dressed as my 'stage name'- the Fox!
Makeup & hair was inspired by Topshop Unique AW11. Although, I apparently looked more cute than scary! (Foxes can be evil, can't they? After all they used to eat the chickens on my Grandma's farm when I was little- bad foxes!!)

Anyhow, enough about foxes!

My gorgeous friends Sophia (above) & Christel both held Halloween/birthday parties at theirs and I must say all guests went to fabulous effort on the night as far as costumes were concerned. However, I do feel for anyone holding a house party as the clean up must be horrendous! (sorry girls, I was in no fit state to help on Sunday... I blame you!

And the best Halloween award goes to:
once again you have rocked Halloween with totally fabulous look (Mr Skeleton) .......Mr Vampire ain't bad either!



  1. Haha - I won first place!!! Thanks Makeup Marple! xxx

  2. Much deserved too! Lots of love xxx