15 October 2011

Nail Rock = Nail Art Made Easy!

Last night after my mega busy week, I decided to be very rock n roll and spend a Friday night in! After dinner & bath, luxury treatment on my hair & face mask, I decided it was time to sort out my nails as they have been seriously neglected the past few weeks.

Seeing all the nail art at LFW got me a little inspired but seeing as I don't have the patience or skill to DIY (I mean, you may be able to do something cool on one hand but how on earth would you do the other one yourself??)

Nail Rock to the rescue!! They are basically easy to use nail stickers (they call them wraps) that you can cut to size and then stick on top of your nails for instant nail art effect in three simple steps! Easy! And not to mention right on trend! In fact Nail Rock was used on the catwalk at some of LFW's recent shows such as Aminaka Wilmont and Meadham Kirchoff.

1. Prepare your nails- remove nail polish & trim to desired size
2. Select the nail wrap that matches each nail for size (they can also be trimmed down to fit)
3. Smooth nail wrap onto your nail, removing any air bubbles with you your fingers

So there you have it, in just 3 steps!

Bling-tastic nail art in a flash thanks to Nail Rock! I went for a metallic animal print style. (please excuse my ET like fingers, my hand modelling days were over a long time ago!) Nail Rock comes in a variety of designs and are really reasonably priced too at under £10. If you're bored of your nails and feel like something creative, I suggest you give them a try!


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