18 October 2011

A Good Cause

With my makeup collection/obsession bordering on out of control, I admit I can't bear to throw anything away! However with move house #2 just around the corner, I know it's a great opportunity to scale down. If like me,  you have loads of unused makeup or cosmetic items, think twice before just throwing them away or letting them sit in your cupboard until way past expiry date. Why not send them on to "Give and Make Up" which is a non for profit organization that provides everyday essentials and things we often take for granted to women who are victims of domestic violence. Items such as skincare, makeup, hair products, baby care products are all gratefully accepted. As stated on their site- 'if you would happily give it to a friend we'll take it' as a guide.

I strongly believe that everyday essentials that make us look good and feel good are vitally important to women in this position. As I'm doing a mass clear out before I move house, I will be sure to send my excess beauty items their way. It's a cause worth supporting.

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