25 October 2011

Halloween = Dress Up Fun!

Me & my Welsh Lamb (that year I was Fetish-Cat of some kind!)

With plenty of Halloween parties just around the corner, as per usual I have no idea what I am going to dress up as... The last couple of years I have ended up as a cat of some description -yep, original I know!

As a child, I don't think we ever dressed up for Halloween (my mum thought it was all about evil witches and so on) however, I was quite envious of the kids I would see on American Tv shows dressing up and coming home with a bag full of sugary treats from trick or treating! (Any festival that involves lollies & sweets sounds good to me!!)

I never even dressed up for it until a couple of years ago, now it seems like all of London goes crazy for the excuse get dressed up and party!
Some people are so clever when it comes to such ideas. My friends Sophia & Phil are both fab when it comes to costumes and makeup looks for halloween. They always come up with something amazing and I can't wait to see what they do this time round....

This year, my flat mate, Amy is planning to dress up as a good old school style pumpkin- can't wait to see that one!!

Really it's just a fun excuse to dress up and be crazy cats......
Any costume ideas for me will gratefully accepted!

With Christel last year, this time it was a Daisy Lowe inspired kind of kitty

Sophia in one of her amazing creations- this time a murdered Beauty Queen!


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