01 February 2012

Mascara Must Have: Model Co Fibre Lash

As my never ending quest for long, luscious, lash-perfection continues, on my travels I noticed that cult Australian brand Model Co had a new(ish) mascara out that I was yet to try! And this is not just any old mascara, it is like false lashes in a bottle. Genius! Now, I love the look  of falsies, however, rarely have the patience or time to put them on myself so anything thats gonna save me some time getting ready is already a winner in my eyes.

I was so excited to get my hands on this litle treat that I didn't read the instructions and dived straight in to give it a try. I opened the box and found 2 silver mascara bottles. Cool. I opened the smaller one first (labelled Lash Fibres!) and to my shock when I took the wand out of the bottle it was covered in what looked like spider's webs.  So that's the FIBRE'S! Easy as 1, 2....

Step 1: coat your lashes in the FIBRES
Step 2: coat your fibred lashes in MASCARA

The effect was immediate, longer, thicker, fuller luscious lashes!
The mascara brush is also great as it really defines and separates the lashes, in fact, I sometimes use it on it's own without the fibres for day wear and when I'm wanting a more dramatic look with my lashes, I add the fibres.

WARNING: Fibre Lash is Addictive!!

Rating: 9/10


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