28 September 2011

Summer Lovin....

The temperature's heating up, London is enjoying it's so called Indian Summer and those of you in the Southern hemisphere are heading into actual Summer. I'm not such a sun bunny as you may know, but I'm so excited I get to wear my Summer wardrobe for just a little longer! Or better still can try out some of the gorgeous SS12 trends we have just been seeing at fashion week ahead of time. It's perfect pony tail weather don't you think?

Here we have a fabulous Moss-moment by Mario Sorrenti from Vogue Paris 2010, I have always loved this editorial and it ties in with the Summer mood I'm in, so it had to be shared.

And while we are on the subject of Paris- Paris Fashion Week has just begun! How I wish I was there. Maybe I can just recreate this look in the London Fields Lido for fun? Maybe not. Sadly, I don't look like Kate and the Lido doesn't look like that inviting!
Oh well, I can dream....

Don't forget to apply factor 50 on your face to keep wrinkles away, la Roche Posay is best....
Sun protection for your hair stops colour fade! Try SP Sun UV Protection Spray or wear a hat! Many hair products contain sun protection but not many can actually claim to have an SPF- check the label.
Sun + hair colour = faded colour

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