16 September 2011

Makeup Bag Must Have- LFW Essentials

It's hard work looking fabulous 24-7 when there is not enough minutes in the day!

Makeup Marple's top 10 Fashion Week Essentials are products I can't live without and will also take you through any ultra busy time.

1. Concealer- to hide evidence that you were up way too late last night, try Estee Lauder Double Wear for heavy duty coverage
2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- with so many uses, eyeshadow, blush, lip colour and it even has a mirror for on the run makeup touch ups, you really cannot afford to not have it in your makeup bag. Tip: apply the lightest shade with an eyeshadow brush above your cheekbone in a 'c' shape around the eye area for added highlight.
3. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- will make even the most tired complexion glow, even after one too many cocktails!
4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream- will save your lips after too much kissing and is great to soothe the skin for a whole variety of issues.
5. Chanel Vital Lumiere Foundation- for a flawless complexion that will take you from day to night
6. Plasters- because you know it's true: 'No pain, no gain!' If you don't need them, someone else will!
7. Berocca- to get you through the day with that much needed dose of Vitamin B
8. Mini Hairspray- for last minute hair fixups
9. Dry Shampoo- saves you precious time in the morning! Batiste now does purse size mini cans!!

And if all else fails:

10. Red Lipstick- this will up the glam factor in a flash! My theory is that if I'm looking tired, the red lips will detract from this. There's also something about strong lipstick that gives an instant burst of confidence and style.

Oh yeah and plenty of Starbucks for that much needed caffeine/sugar hit.


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