26 September 2011

Perfume Launch: Secret Potion

Before you get the impression that I'm totally consumed by fashion week, I have been doing other things here and there, in between colouring hair, painting faces, going shopping and catching up with friends for lunch.
(Do you get the impression I'm loving the whole new freelance life??) In fact, last week we were treated to a lovely evening at the Crazy Bear for the launch of Christina Aguilera's fabulous new fragrance, Secret Potion.

The inspiration behind the latest edition to her empire is all about confidence and empowering women to 'shine'.

As far as celeb perfumes go, I haven't tried many. Usually it's because I'm not a huge fan of the celebrity themselves, however being a closet Aguilera fan for years (secret's out now) I must admit I was very curious to investigate!

Although it was created as a night time fragrance- it could be worn both day and night as it's not too overpowering as some 'night time' perfumes can be. I tend to classify my fragrances into seasons, so I would think of it as more of a Winter fragrance. With a soft oriental, floral blend it also features delicate notes of jasmine, orange and white lotus flower, it makes for a luxurious smelling fragrance.

After dinner we were heard from guest speaker, Matthew Hussey. Matthew's official title as 'international dating expert', came about after years of coaching guys in relationships, he then realised that all this knowledge could be invaluable to women and jumped ship to the girl's side. This resulted in a series of seminars called 'Get The Guy'. As the saying goes 'knowledge is power!'- sign me up now!! Matthew spoke to us about the secrets of attraction and gave us some useful tips and ideas when it comes to both work life and relationships.

Not only did we walk away from a lovely evening, smelling divine- but we also have a little more insight into how we can make our lives more successful in all aspects.
So if the fabulous new Secret Potion fragrance isn't enough to help you 'get the guy', this means you might just need to sign up to see Matthew as well.....


Location:Crazy Bear, London


  1. your a christina aguilera fan? the things I learn from reading your blog...

  2. Mmmm I guess you were too young for the Mickey mouse Club? Christina, Britney and Justin, those were the days! Xx