01 January 2012

A new adventure begins....

In case you're wondering- there is a reason why I've gone M.I.A...
I've been busy sorting through nearly a decade's worth of clothes, makeup, basically rearranging my life, chasing a dream and doing something I always said I would eventually do, but never thought I actually would- move to New York for the Summer!

I'm not sure exactly how I thought it would be any easy process- a lot of planning and hard work goes into a trans-Atlantic relocation. However, I'm aware, that it's an opportunity that many people would love and not many get the chance to actually do it. And for the even harder part, leaving behind some of the most amazing friends and people I have ever met.

This just gives you the perfect excuse for a trip to NYC! (hint, hint)

London will always be in my heart- but for now, it's all about the new adventures in the big city. Considering London was only supposed to be a 6 month stint that turned into almost a decade, who knows what the future will hold?

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