09 January 2012

Attention: Wannabe Bronzed Goddess!

After years of messing about with fake tan and- dare I admit it....even lured into using the dreaded sun beds a few times in a bid for that healthy bronzed glow.  I don't claim to be a an expert on tanning by any means as now, I have come to embrace my pale look!  Having grown up in Australia,  we are taught to be sun smart from the minute we step outside.  (Apparently the hole in the ozone is above Australia which is cause for more damage to the skin by UV rays than any where else in the world.)

If you too have witnessed the skin cancer scare campaign videos of my school days, you will understand where my love of all things SPF comes from..... besides, the best benefit of all is more youthful looking skin!!

Although I've embraced my pale look these days,  I do dread getting my legs out (it's far too hot to wear tights right now, much to my horror!) However, with a quick coating of the Sportsgirl Body Glow Instant Bronzer my legs are socially acceptable to be seen in the light of day!

Sportsgirl is a high street fashion chain over here which I would liken to Topshop, which stocks some great cosmetics items too these days as well as their usual clothes, shoes and accessories.

After literally searching the globe for the best instant bronzer, this beats them all hands down. Whether you naturally catch the sun or are a glow in the dark girl like me, it's the perfect shade of tan and so easy to apply that  you can't go wrong with Sportsgirls Instant Bronzer.

This is just one of the items I am sure to stock up on before my return to London town.


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