07 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week: futuristic fashion

Not to be outdone by Milan, Paris kept the momentum with some even more surreal beauty looks on the catwalk, never mind the clothes, people!

1. Chanel

The most angelic complexions were enhanced with a dazzling jewel encrusted brow for a minimalist, futuristic feel which carried from head to toe in this beautiful collection.

Hair was slicked into a wet look pony. I love nothing more than a perfect, slick pony on the catwalk!

2. Jean Paul Gaultier

In keeping with the current futuristic vibe, JPG continued, this time with some cyber-colour action in the form of a reverse dip dye in an array of luminous shades!


There was a  90's twist to the futuristic feel with their poker straight, center partings and glam/grunge smoky eye makeup perfection.

More fashion week faves to come!


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