29 August 2011

Velour Magazine vs Jerry Hall

Hotel 54
Velour Magazine
Photographer- Gary Houlder
Makeup -Caroline Barnes
Hair -Simon Izzard
Model- Verena Badofsky

Jerry Hall
the original 70's Supermodel

Wahl 9mm
Mini Curling Tongs
With the 70's being big news on the AW2011 Catwalk, I'm seeing loads of this texture in recent editorials.

Although this style will work best on longer lengths of hair, you can achieve the same texture with the right products and tools!
  • prep damp hair with mousse for texture and hold

  • blast dry with hairdryer

  • starting at the bottom and work your way up, a couple of sectioning clips will make the job a lot easier! Take super fine sections (around 1cm square works best in this case) & curl with mini curling tongs such as Wahl 9mm tongs- the smaller the better!

  • before curling, spray each section with hairspray

  • allow each section to cool

  • Continue on, working up the head in a brick work sectioning pattern

  • once the whole head is curled, brush out with fingers to break up the curl and create the frizzier texture

  • The longer your hair is, the heavier it is. Which means the curl will 'drop' over time. Shorter lengths may need a little more 'brushing out' so that the curl doesn't spring up too much.

    Finish with a light hair spray (don't use a strong lacquer) to set your look in place.


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