09 August 2011

BBM- The Tangle Teezer

B.B.M = Bargain Beauty Must-Have.
Let me introduce you to a great hair must have- the Tangle Teezer.

I'll admit that it took me a long time to warm to this piece of plastic-fantastic. This was largely due to it's appearance (go on, call me shallow) and also the way they spell the word teaser- I hate words being abbreviated like that or spelt wrong!! (if you ever see a spelling error in one of my posts, blame predictive text and not me!) I thought the appearance reminded me far too much of a dog's brush to warrant ever going near me or my client's hair and although it was in the salon for a year or so, I was having none of it.

Until one day, I had a model with the longest, finest, rapunzel like locks that needed desperately to be detangled and I needed something to do it fast without causing any additional damage!! The Tangle Teezer detangles hair painlessly and quickly. I'm sure there are many mum's out there grateful for this clever invention for little girls with longer hair too. Perhaps if it had been around in my day, Mummy Marple would of let me grow my hair instead of rocking that boy-short pixie cut!

So now I am totally over the whole dog-brush-feeling, I actually find I could not be without my Tangle Teezer. It definitely feels far less damaging than a wide tooth comb after washing and can get rid of even the worst of my tangles painlessly. Just be sure to team it with you're favourite leave in conditioner such as Sebastian's Potion 9 or Alterna's Colourhold Leave In spray.

I suggest you buy it in the ultra girly shade of fluorescent pink. Priced at around £10 it's a beauty bargain must have you just can't refuse!

Rating: 8/10


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