19 December 2011

Summer Loving..... Having a Blast!

Ok, so I'm not being biased as a (secret) Australian, however, second month running, I'm loving the Australian Vogue cover! And I thought it only fitting to feature it seeing as I'm posting from down under itself (Australia) Forgive my lack of posting in recent times, I've been mega busy with Loreal work and all that jazz that goes with planning a long trip. Now the eagle has landed, I'm struggling with jet-lag and trying my hardest to chill out and enjoy the quieter pace of life here.
Back to the cover! The stunning Carmen Pedaru in an electric blue onesie, shot by Cedric Buchet on what looks like a gorgeous (not Australian, possibly Greek isles??) beach. In fact today, I bought my first one piece swim suit! Not first ever, but I don't think I've worn a one piece since I was about 12. Can't wait to hit the beach, lets see if I can warm my pale skin from grey to ivory!!


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