23 June 2011

Sebastian's Magical Potion for Hair

  • Potion 9 by Sebastian
Ever since my salon days, this was a sell out product when it comes to maintaining condition or rescuing damaged hair.

Potion 9 is a wearable hair treatment that contains 9 active-oil botanical ingredients to restore condition and give shine. This product has stood the test of time and been a beauty favorite for many years. Thankfully, with Sebastian's reinvention last year, the 'magic' potion's formula wasn't changed- just the packaging

Apply to damp hair and leave in to enhance condition, protect from heated styling tools. Leave in condtioner is like moisturiser for your hair. You wouldn't go out without moisturiser on your face (I hope!) So don't forget your wearable, leave in treatment!! Amazing on curls- you can scrunch it in dry hair for extra nourishment!

Potion 9 Light is like the name suggests a lighter, spray formula which is great news for very fine hair.

Available from professional salons only.

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