11 June 2011

Mascara Mission- Part 2

I generally find that 'high street' brand mascaras work just as good if not better than the more expensive luxury brands around these days.

Moving on from my childhood fave- Maybelline Great Lash mascara as I think these days there's so much more technology behind the products and there's loads more choice out there now...... which can get confusing to say the least!

While the brush is old school, it is easy enough to use and get close to the root of your lashes.  Although it coats the lashes, I don't feel the product itself does enough to improve length and texture- a good beauty basic. 
Rating 5/10

Next up:
  • Loreal Million Lash Mascara

Although I found the brush a little bit short in the beginning, once i got used to this, I LOVED the 'millionizer mascara brush' for creating very defined longer, thicker lashes. Along with the excess wiper feature which prevents clumping when you apply.  Great for layering to create a more glam look and wears very well throughout the day or night.  
Rating 9/10

  • Maybelline One by One Mascara
I decided to give the new Maybelline  a go- despite the highly annoying TV ad!  I thought the brush looked very similar to the Loreal millionizer brush so I thought this combined with Maybelline's usual kind of formulas, I could be onto a winning combination! But alas, I thought wrong! Whilst the brush was ok (not nearly as defining as the Loreal version) it was the formula I really wasn't impressed with.  Although it coated my lashes to make them look blacker, it didn't do much at all to make them thicker as promised, just made them seem clumpy! I also found it quite difficult to remove and also found it flaked a little bit under my eyes through out the day.  Already having issues with darkness under my eyes, this is definatly not something I want on a daily basis!!

Rating: 4/10


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