30 June 2011

Bargain Beauty Discovery!

This fabulous little tube of amazingness is a sure bargain beauty lifesaver! And who doesn't love a bargain???

My pale, ginger skin clearly didn't react well to the sunshine of the past few days (despite being sun smart) and I came out with an annoying, prickly heat kind of rash mainly across my chest.

I bought this travel size Sudocrem, although I wasn't sure exactly what it's used for.  Being a mini travel size, it didn't have much info on the tube, except for saying that it 'soothes & protects'. So before bed last night, I covered my neck and chest with the mystery cream and hoped for the best. It smelt quite pleasant and definately had a soothing effect on my sensitive skin.

Upon waking this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin had cleared up and felt smooth & soft as a baby's bottom! Funnily enough, after googling it to find exactly what this fab bargain cream is all about... I discovered that it was originally created as a nappy rash cream! It's been around for years and years and can be used for all kinds of skin conditions, irritations, itches, bites, spots and more. As it is quite a thick cream and goes on white, you couldn't apply it in the morning, it's more of a product you could apply before bed to let it work its magic whilst you get your beauty sleep!

I think it could be similar to Bepanthen cream, however, I have never found that to be nearly as soothing or have such a softening effect. Prices start at just £2.80 for a small tube, so at this price, it's certainly a bathroom, bargain beauty must have!

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